How to Write Content and Language Objectives that are Student-Centered

Learn how to create learning objectives that lead to student mastery of TEKS and ELPS.

Created by Julia Chapa M. Ed.

EDU Specialist

Julia Chapa has served English learners as a bilingual and ESL teacher in Texas for over 20 years. She has experience providing accommodated, sequenced and scaffolded instruction for second language learners resulting in outstanding student achievement. She has served as a member of multiple Student Assessment Committees for TEA (Texas Education Agency) representing several school districts in Texas. Julia Chapa understands English learners and the process of second language acquisition, and she has always been an advocate for teachers and students as a parent, as a citizen, and as an educator.
Our system to write content and language objectives is a comprehensive but simple system that takes into consideration TEKS, ELPS, levels of taxonomy, student chosen products, language proficiency, and linguistic accommodations. When teachers learn how to present these objectives in a student-centered manner and with academic language terms that yield high levels of comprehension, the result is simply: mastery of objectives. Talk to us about scheduling an overview of how we can help your district move into the next level of language objectives implementation. 
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