Let us maximize your scholar's educational journey with the guidance of our expert specialists here at EDU Specialist.

Transform your educational journey with the exceptional guidance of our knowledgeable specialists at EDU Specialist! Discover your full potential and achieve your academic goals with our individually tailored approach to learning. Don't settle, choose excellence with EDU Specialist! 

Our expert instructors and certified educators here at EDU Specialists will help your child reach district and state goals.
We develop curriculum based on state standards.

In-Person, Online K-12 tutoring services for Emergent Bilingual and ESL students delivered by licensed professional educators. 

Coaching Services for Dual Language, Bilingual, and ESL Programs

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EDU Specialist helps you reach students' potential with interactive lessons delivered by certified educators. 
EDU Specialist, LLC is a Texas Education Agency "TEA" Continuing Professional Education "CPE" Provider (#902-834). 

EDU Specialist, LLC
Texas SSES Tutoring Services Provider
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(SSES: Supplemental Special Education Services)

CPE Credit

For teacher candidates and certified teachers

K-12 Tutoring

Live sessions by certified teachers

Professional Development

ELPS Implementation 

Consulting and Program Design

Individual Sessions for Administrators

K-12 Student Services

Parent Training Courses


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Professional Development for Teachers and Adminstrators. ELPS Implementation Training 
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Parent Workshops
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Accelerated Instruction for
Emergent Bilinguals
and Newcomer Services
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K-12 Student Tutoring

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Meet our team

We have a team of instructors made up of professionals from different fields who share their knowledge to help you get started on your journey!
Julia Chapa has served Emergent Bilinguals as a bilingual and ESL teacher in Texas for over 25 years. She has experience providing accommodated, sequenced and scaffolded instruction for second language learners resulting in outstanding student achievement. She has served as a member of multiple Student Assessment Committees for TEA (Texas Education Agency) representing several school districts in Texas. Julia Chapa understands English learners and the developmental process of second language acquisition. Julia has always been an advocate for teachers and Emergent Bilingual students.

Julia Chapa

Crystal Lynn
Crystal Hetrick always provides a learning environment that supports student success.  As a patient teacher, she will guide your students to success. With over 25 years teaching adolescents to seasoned adults, her students look forward to her class because she delivers engaging lessons.  Crystal has been a Spanish and ESL instructor for many years and with her experience, she brings a light-hearted, easy going lessons to practice and apply language learning skills.
Project Coordinator
Melanie has seven years of elementary teaching experience in the classroom, and many more years of experience teaching children through leadership positions in church youth groups and through volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America.  Melanie’s attention to detail, strong leadership, and organizational skills are daily demonstrated in every project she is a part of.
Curriculum Writer
Laura has over 20 years of experience as a General and Special Education teacher. As an educator, she has worked with English Learners in all content areas. She holds a Masters Degree in Creative Writing as well as certification for Gifted and Talented Education. Laura has developed curriculum and instruction for elementary school students in grades 2nd-6th  that are highly engaging using various forms of technology to ensure student success.
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